Common Sense Education For ALL!

There are three things we need to do in our schools to further our National Security and our future, so our children and their grandchildren are educated to support themselves and be responsible for their future.

1. Teach Code!

Beginning in grade 3, concepts in Science, robotics and engineering and foreign language should be taught along with reading, math and history. Coding is a foreign language and our kids need to be exposed as early as possible. In fourth grade, Teach Code along with keyboarding skills! Fourth grade is the right time to introduce program and project management as well as SMART GOALS. Students that develop good organizational skills do better in college and LIFE!

2. Are your Computer Labs empty and quiet?

REV it up with extra programs in robotics, science, technology even Arts & Design. Let the math students develop algorithms! Use that equipment in every class every day – the more experience the students have on the computer the better they get the more prepared they will be for REAL LIFE! Allow after school programs in the Computer Lab!

3. Find Stipends for teachers and volunteers to help teach students skills while having FUN!

There are lots of programs out there, Cyber Security, Vex Robotics and First Robotics to name a few. School Boards, Administrators and schools would do well to provide stipends for STEAM related after school programs!


How do I know I’m choosing the right career for me? 10/22/14

If you are in high school you probably believe you must know what you want to study before you enter college. Sure, it makes it easier if you do know but one reason to attend college is to find your place in the world. If you begin college on one track and change your mind later you can always take courses in the summer or add an extra class here and there in order to graduate on time.

For some, they graduate and find years later an opportunity which is exactly what they wished to do but didn’t know it. Of course, it’s easier if you do know but its okay if you don’t.




Summer Camps for career choices 1.19.14

When my daughter was in third grade she went to horse camp, Camp Rim Rock! she loved it and went back for several years, lots of fun, camaraderie and things to do that she would not not ordinarily get to do. This is what summer camp is about, a way for children to glimpse into other areas that may or may not interest them. For children that don’t have a strong interest in any one thing going to camps that offer lots of things to do, even things they may not want try because when their peers try them and love them, they might too.

As she grew older, we tried, modeling camp, design camp, interior design camp, these were dream careers, but she realized through this process they weren’t her dreams.

I wish then I knew about camps that offered robotics, programming and gaming as they would have surely been enlightening to her and may have sparked the technology bug earlier giving her an edge in todays world.

In today’s world every child needs to be enlightened by technology and the careers they might dream of…lipstick engineer? The thing is that your 8 or 9 year old couldn’t possibly know what they might want to do when they are 22 because many of the jobs haven’t been created yet. So go ahead and find a summer camp that is out of this world, off the charts and gives your student a new dream!

Follower or Contrarian?

I have become a contrarian over the years, my dad had those instincts and I guess I picked them up from him.

What does it mean to be contrary? One of the best Webster definitions is being not in a class, conformity with what is usual or expected.” Not going with the flow, not believing every thing you read or hear. Judging for yourself, researching and finding the answers for yourself. Seeking the truth!

In today’s world information is abundant but is it true and reliable? It’s easy to read the paper or watch the news or listen to someone give their opinion on what ever; gardening, buying a car, politics, religion or money? But you have to decide if is it true? Is this information valid? Am I able to take this information and believe in it? Utilize it?

Why does it matter? It matters because as we raise our children to think for themselves and to create their own families we want them to live in a society with morals and values that encourage life and the pursuit of happiness.  Truth needs to be understood and mastered by the people. If society is built on lies, it is like a house built on cards that will eventually crumble.

For the girls in your life

Encourage them to THINK BIG!

I see the numbers, they say the job numbers have improved and employment is down to 5.3% but what type of jobs are they?

I’m pretty certain the parents in Loudoun County want their children, sons and daughters to reach for the stars and become responsible, independent, resourceful adults. Girls will spend much of their lives working and we want to help them make choices to create a life that encourages their passion and earn a living wage that allows them to be financially independant. While more girls attend college and receive their degrees and even go on for graduate degrees they are not seeking STEM degrees as much as the boys. The reason this is an issue? The sheer number of jobs in these areas continues to grow and we have to bring non-Americans into our country to fill the positions. Why not encourage our girls to reach for these high paying jobs?

Opportunities are endless in STEAM careers, they are good paying jobs that offer challenge and excitement and in 2015, 2019, 2023, most good jobs require skills and that means technology. So if you passion is art, math, science you will be using technology. If you have an expertise and add a degree in a technology area you will find awesome opportunities at home and abroad.

If you are a woman in STEAM and want to connect with other women in STEAM, please reach out to me. We’re looking to assist girls to see their dreams in opportunities in STEAM. If more girls chose careers that enabled them to be financially independent, I think they would make different choices and there might be less drama for women in general.If you have a STEAM business and want to share what you do with girls, please email me at



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A wonderful new foundation who provides a place for girls in grades 3 – 12 to learn about STEM + Arts & Design development for girls. Most girls need support and encouragement to pursue STEM jobs, we provide the girls with the skills so they are empowered to find their passion in STEM degrees and educate them to develop the hard and soft skills they will need to be successful. We help schools starts STEAMd clubs, train teachers to have their own clubs and more!


Girls In Technology – A great organization for girls in grades 6 – 12 to learn about STEM through Sharing Our Success events and Mentor Protege programs.”>Women In Technology- Great organization for women, join the club and learn new skills and use them to do good! Cyber Security organization to teach high schoolers Computer Science skills  Engineering toys for girls Share with the girls in your life, computer science and engineering are attainable