Common Sense Education For ALL!

There are three things we need to do in our schools to further our National Security and our future, so our children and their grandchildren are educated to support themselves and be responsible for their future.

1. Teach Code!

Beginning in grade 3, concepts in Science, robotics and engineering and foreign language should be taught along with reading, math and history. Coding is a foreign language and our kids need to be exposed as early as possible. In fourth grade, Teach Code along with keyboarding skills! Fourth grade is the right time to introduce program and project management as well as SMART GOALS. Students that develop good organizational skills do better in college and LIFE!

2. Are your Computer Labs empty and quiet?

REV it up with extra programs in robotics, science, technology even Arts & Design. Let the math students develop algorithms! Use that equipment in every class every day – the more experience the students have on the computer the better they get the more prepared they will be for REAL LIFE! Allow after school programs in the Computer Lab!

3. Find Stipends for teachers and volunteers to help teach students skills while having FUN!

There are lots of programs out there, Cyber Security, Vex Robotics and First Robotics to name a few. School Boards, Administrators and schools would do well to provide stipends for STEAM related after school programs!


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