Tinkering, do you do it?

Do you encourage your children to tinker?

I keep hearing this work, “tinkering” as a “new term” but really its what many of us did as kids and apparently researchers have determined it needs to be brought back and I get it! Kids no longer have time to hang out and mess around like they did when I was a kid – parents beware – you can change this!

How you say? Encourage your children, girls and boys to tinker with legos, electronic equipment, computers, craft materials, sewing, painting, whatever medium they like! If its broken let them open it up and check it out! Of course, make sure its unpluged so they don’t get hurt. If they find a real interest there are places they can go to learn more if you can’t help them yourself. You might even find it fun and take some classes too!

Have you heard of Tech Shop in Ballston? Check it out! Here’s the link <a href=”http://techshop.ws”>http://techshop.ws</a&gt;

In Reston you can check out – Nova Labs – <a href=”http://www.nova-labs.org/”>http://www.nova-labs.org/</a&gt;

And coming in Loudoun is <a href=”http://www.Makersmith.org”>http://www.Makersmith.org</a&gt;

Tinkering, sewing, painting are all processes that encourage children to THINK. Its so important that on the Common App, student with Makers experience will be able to share that, check it out at <a href=”http://www.slideroom.com/blog/Maker_portfolio.html”>http://www.slideroom.com/blog/Maker_portfolio.html</a&gt;

In 2015, students can be whatever they want to be, they can choose traditional education or non – traditional education and this is fantastic. Next time, I’ll blog on some great U.S. Presidents that do not have college degrees as well as some great entrepreneurs!



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