Where are the girls in STEAM? 8/12/15

Boys seem to have an inherent attraction to “Technology” but what about girls? There are now lots of games that girls play, I’ve learned to play them myself, Candy Crush, Bejeweled and now Cookie Crush! More and more girls are showing up in Engineering, coding and business information technology classes but not at the rate that is needed to fill the jobs being created.

It’s time that educators realize that girls are the “underserved’ when it comes to STEAM careers and they need to make adjustments in the classroom so girls can get on the right track to pursue education and career choices that will provide financial independence for them!

More schools need to have STEAM programs during and after schools. If you look at my LINKS page you will find opportunities at many college and university sites for camps and classes and other programs like Cyber Patriot, Vex Robotics, Scratch and more to get a club started in your school. Girls find a science or math teacher that you like and ask them to sponsor your school’s club and get started. Just being with other girls that have like minded ideas will inspire you to seek opportunities for your club. Just get started!

What do you discuss around the dinner table?

Parents recognize something in their children that others don’t always see. Parents see the potential in their children first and help shape their future sometimes without even knowing it. Creating conversations around the dinner table shape your children future. What do you chat about during dinner?

I would like to suggest you take a look at Indeed.Com and see the number of jobs for computer science, engineering, project managers, scientists – there are loads of jobs and many go unfilled. I am suggesting you share with your children the opportunities in these careers. Whatever your child’s interest, they can find a path in STEM, technology is moving very fast and the jobs they will take when they graduate from college may not have been created yet – they can create jobs themselves, they can create companies and they can create jobs for others if they are nurtured into believing they can do anything and are given an education that alerts them to the possibilities.

Educators need to help students recognize the possibilities that exist in todays job market. Career and guidance counselors need to see the whole picture of job possibilities, not all students will leave high school and head to a 4 year college or university, many will go to community college and work along the way, some will never attend college.

There are loads of ways to get certifications without attending full time college that provide good to great salaries in technology. Salesforce, Cisco, Microsoft certifications offer opportunities that will provide good jobs with great salaries in networking, data management, even computer science.

Let your children know they can DREAM BIG!



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